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      已跟帖 2014-02-08 作者: 來源:官方

        - Storm confirms, T49 will come this year (SS: T49 LT is a project to upgun Walker Bulldog with 90mm)

        Storm 證實T49輕坦今年會出現。(SS:它是沃克斗牛犬輕坦裝有90mm炮的升級項目)

        - Sheridan appearing in WoT? “No chance”

        Sheridan (60年代的美國輕坦)出現在游戲里?沒機會了。

        - Storm is not happy with the fact that a tank can “disappear” when not moving and “reappears” when it starts moving again, he thinks about changing this somehow


        - vertical aim aid will be optional (SS: as in, you will be able to select where you aim horizontally too, I can’t remember how this damn thing is called)


        - Storm states that various way of fighting illegal mods and software like CRC checksums and memory detection are “not easy to implement and not effective”, they are apparently easy to bypass

        Storm 指出打擊非法插件和軟件的多種方式里,比如像CRC 校驗和內存檢測 并不容易實現,并且沒什么效果,那些非法軟件能夠輕松的繞過。

        - there will “relatively soon” be a “big new mode for clanwars”


        And a big change:還有一些大的變化:

        Developers decided to remove the 12th battletier in 8.11 (SS: If you don’d understand what that means, refer towotwiki). The reason for it is that “it is really cheap means of reducing the tier 8 waiting times and giving additional incentive for grinding tier 10 vehicles”. Apparently, this was a player idea, that got considered and was found good.

        (SS: effectively it means tier 8 vehicles will see more of tier 10′s in their battles, this will not affect tier 8 premium vehicles)



        - it’s possible that open-topped vehicles might be nerfed (by 2,5 percent or so), but their crew get an “open-topped” skill bonus to compensate (so people don’t complain about not being able to use the ventilation on them)


        - KV-5 will not return to the ingame shop apparently




        坦克世界8.11更新內容 8.11補丁說明



        坦克世界8.11上線時間 三測改動內容

        坦克世界8.11出T-44-85 夜戰模式試驗中