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      坦克世界8月20日QA 6級車會進哪些地圖

      已跟帖 2015-08-21 作者:未知 來源:網絡

        - Storm doesn't actually know which maps will not be activated for tier 6;

        - storm并不準確地知道6級車會進哪些地圖

        - Storm confirms that the 0 armor areas (such as vision ports) will detonate HE shells upon impact, they are a part of the collision box. There's armor behind them though. Their armor is 0mm thick so it's possible to damage them (as external modules);

        - storm確認,一些0裝甲的地方(比如一些視覺上的部分)是會被HE影響到的,這些是碰撞模型的一部分。這些地方前方的裝甲很厚,但它本身是0mm,所以還是有可能受到損傷(就像外部模塊一樣)

        - Currently the Lakesville overhaul is still in testing phase, it's not finalized - no need to panic

        - 昨天提到的拉斯威利修改還是在測試階段,并不是最終版,不要驚慌

        - For now it's hard to say when will reworked Lakesville appear on live server

        - 改過的拉斯威利什么時候上線?現在還很難說